What did Asthma Patients need to Know during COVID-19?

In uncontrolled Asthma, viral infections of the respiratory system cause more severe symptoms than in patients whose condition is under reliable therapeutic control. So, here Asthma Bhawan provide What did Asthma Patients need to Know during COVID-19? Your answer is below.

What did Asthma Patients need to Know during COVID-19? | Are Asthma patients more at risk? | Asthma Bhawan

Although, any lung infection risks worsening the symptoms of Asthma. However, there is no evidence that asthmatic patients are more prone to hospitalization because of COVID-19. However, it should be in mind that asthma patients are more at risk than all respiratory viruses, even in the ordinary seasonal flu. A new variant of covid, XBB.1.16 cases is increasing nowadays since January 2023.

Steps Asthma patients or their loved ones should follow

Asthma medication should be continued as usual

  • Patients with asthma should continue to take prescribed asthma medications. Especially; inhaled glucocorticosteroids (IGCS) and oral glucocorticosteroids (only if prescribed by your doctor).

Get Vaccinated

  • Vaccines are now available for all. So, get your vaccination done if not done yet, because it will reduce the chance of severe consequences. But make sure you discuss your medical condition with the doctor if you have an allergy to a specific kind of ingredient.

Keep asthma well controlled

  • It is necessary to keep the asthma under control through a sufficient control plan. It helps to reducing asthma attacks, coughs, wheezing, and other related breathing difficulties. Make your lung function is good.

Diligently comply with all the usual precautionary measures.

  • Like using masks, washing hands regularly, following a healthy lifestyle, and social distance.

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What do Experts Say?

Asthma Bhawan: For asthmatic patients, it may not be easy to distinguish the difficulty in breathing (dyspnea) caused by asthma from an asthma attack potentially caused by the virus.

Because, if you have COVID-19, you may experience symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, loss of smell and taste, muscle aches, chills, and fever. And dry cough and difficulty in breathing are common in COVID and Asthma.

Therefore, patients who suffer from asthma and who have symptoms attributable to COVID-19 infection should contact their doctor to resolve any doubts.

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Your situation will worsen if;

  • You are old.
  • Not vaccinated.
  • Have other respiratory/lung diseases along with Asthma.

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