Recent Activity : Happy to share that on occasion of historic achievement of Asthma Bhawan of doing the highest number of EBUS in the western India, live EBUS webinar was organised. Dr Nishtha Singh and Dr Sheetu Singh were experts. Over 1300 pulmonologists across the nation clicked the link to learn detailed complexities of the procedure.

Patients of respiratory diseases are usually poor. Many patients stop treatment due unaffordable costs. Asthma Bhawan Assistance for helping such patients in following ways:

  • Cost of medicines at Asthma Bhawan medical store is 20% less than the print price.
  • BPL patients are treated free of cost
  • Many medicine are purchased from the government’s Mukhyamantri free medicine scheme. These medicines are provided to patients free of cost.
  • Cost of investigations is quite low. Bed charges, ICU charges and charges of investigations  are almost half of any comparable hospital.
  • Smoking burns lungs in a smoker to cause severe COPD. Some of these patients fail to get adequate oxygen in the body. In such patients bipap a type of non invasive ventilator is life saving but it’s cost is quite high. Asthma Bhawan with help of many donors provide these equipment’s at almost 25% of the price.