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How Long COVID Shortness of Breath Last? COVID-19 has put a major pause on the routine lives of people. Those who have suffered from the disease know the value of each breath in a literal sense. Post-COVID complications made the disease even scarier as people are baffled by the disease even after the virus has left the body. A virus typically infects the respiratory system and takes over the machinery thereby compromising normal functions that include normal breathing.

Recent omicron variants that have emerged in India and caused a spike in cases include XBB. 1.5 which is a recombinant variant of BA.2 subvariants of Omicron. Key symptoms of the disease caused by XBB. 1.5 variants include a runny nose, sore throat, fever, and headache, hence getting unnoticed.

Be it any variant of the COVID-19 virus, you might feel chest congestion, shortness of breath, and coughing. This shortness of breath can be acute or chronic depending upon the intensity of its effects on the lungs. The possible reason for this could be a blend of the body’s exaggerated immune response and the formation of clots that might hinder the pathway of oxygen intake inside the lungs. If fortunate enough, the patient might experience this symptom for a short while. If the damage is severe in the lungs, this might last for a longer period of lungs problem, rarely proving fatal too. Read the full article to know more about How Long COVID Shortness of Breath Last?

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When do you require immediate medical attention? | COVID Shortness of Breath

Medically, shortness of breath is referred to as Dyspnea, which is often described in other words as suffocation or hunger for air.

The experiences of patients who had suffered from COVID-19 vary. For some, it is a persistent feeling of suffocation, and for others, the symptoms may be mild and can diminish quickly. Feeling breathless or congested is one of the most frightful sensations and can come in the following forms:

  • The person is not able to inhale or exhale properly.
  • Chest feels congested.
  • Getting breathless quickly.
  • Difficulty in breathing satisfactorily.
  • Feeling anxious.

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How long can the dysfunctional breathing in COVID patients last?

In their acute phases, dysfunctional breathing does not affect the quality of life for much longer. This phase is short-lived and as the treatment progresses condition usually improves. But in people with long COVID, quality of life is compromised. The long hauls in breathing patterns disrupt the routine lives of people suffering from such dysfunctional patterns.

There is a lot of ongoing research related to COVID and post-COVID complications. Limited research shows a possible relationship between brain blood flow or ANS and shortness of breath. Although, a detailed explanation is still a hypothesis and scientists are working to extract a possible explanation for this.

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What can you do at home to overcome this? | COVID Shortness of Breath

  • Try deep breathing exercises that can fulfill the oxygen requirement of the body and the amount of carbon dioxide that must leave the body is also controlled.
  • Try other breathing exercises as suggested by the pulmonologist to recover your lungs from the damage caused by the effects of the coronavirus.
  • Quit smoking if you were a smoker as it anyways damages your lungs and makes the condition even worse.
  • Control your anxiety issues.

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