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As the Most comprehensive private sector Respiratory Health Sciences Centre in Rajasthan, Asthma Bhawan is so much more than a hospital. We are driven, every day, by a mission to improve the health of our population by providing the best in family-centred care, creating ground-breaking scientific and clinical advancements and training the next generation of experts in respiratory health. We encompass the entire spectrum of healthcare but we focus that quality healthcare is affordable and accessible to everyone.

In support of our vision, creating healthy society through healthy population we have built an exciting and bold strategic plan that will serve as a renewed roadmap for our organization. It is through our strategic plan that we aim to lead in world-class quality, enable our people, innovate, maintain respiratory health, build sustainable resources and enhance health systems.

Our vision is allowing us to create a vision that resonates with the needs of the healthcare system and to use that vision to plan for the kinds of investments we will make, including in our facilities, so that we can have the most impact in providing safe, effective, and timely care that patients need – where they need it. We are every day doing ground-breaking work in respiratory medicine.

With passionate and dedicated staff, coupled with unparalleled community support Asthma Bhawan is building on the inspiration of the people we serve.
We look forward to sharing our progress with you and keeping you up to date through frequent communications.

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Foundation of Asthma Bhawan

Asthma Bhawan foundation is under the Indian Asthma Care Society.

Indian Asthma Care Society

Respiratory problems are the most comment ailments that affect people today, and it is estimated that almost 2.63 crore people in India suffer from acute respiratory disease. It is estimated that by the year 2025 an additional 100 million people will be asthmatic all over the world. Hence, there is a dire need for awareness about this debilitating respiratory illness. Therefore, Indian Asthma Care Society was established on 21st May 1985 to help asthmatic patients and to launch a campaign against tobacco. IACS also works for deprived asthmatic patients and helps them by treating their respiratory problems. Dr. US Mathur and Dr. Virendra Singh were founder president and secretary of the IACS respectively. Since inception, IACS has remained actively involved in education of asthma patients and anti-tobacco activities.

Dr. Virendra Singh

Dr. Virendra Singh is the Director of Asthma Bhawan and he is one of the best Asthma doctors of India for respiratory problems. Dr. Virendra Singh Chest Expert is currently providing Best Asthma Treatment in India. He himself has fought against Asthma and wants to eradicate agony of asthma from lives of people so that people can experience the free breath and can come out of the fear of asthma attacks. For his research work, he was awarded the prestigious NRDC award by the Government of India in 1989. Dr. Virendra Singh is strictly against smoking and tobacco consumption as it destroys the life of people. Asthma Bhawan was started as a small tobacco de-addiction centre and soon it was added with patient care and research activities. Now, it is known as the Best Asthma Hospital in India. At Asthma Bhawan, Dr. Virendra Singh with his team offers the most advanced diagnostics and best Asthma treatments for patients.

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Ours is a team approach where only experts are involved. From physicians to pulmonologists and even the supporting staff that includes nurses, respiratory therapists and others are board-certified, trained and highly experienced.

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