What Are The Long-Term Lung Problems After Covid-19?

What Are The Long-Term Lung Problems After Covid-19?– Lungs are a vital part of the respiratory system that allows gaseous exchange in your body. Oxygen from the atmosphere is provided to the bloodstream by this organ, which, in turn, collects carbon dioxide from the same bloodstream and delivers it back into the atmosphere. A healthy person takes in 12-16 breathes per minute, which shows the normal functioning of the person. However, when the breathing rate deviates from the normal, it indicates abnormalities in the functioning of the organ. Other indications include coughing, wheezing sounds while breathing, chest pain, short breath, etc. Such symptoms indicate lung disorders or post effects of any other disease, the most recent being COVID-19. Covid Care Center in Jaipur- Asthma Bhawan

COVID-19 is a respiratory disease that can infect your upper and lower respiratory tract. If the infection gets severe, it reaches up to the lungs. Scientists are learning new things about the virus SARS-CoV-19 from the Corona Virus family every day.

How does COVID-19 virus gain entry? | What are the long-term lung problems after covid-19? Asthma Bhawan

COVID-19 virus gains entry into your body when a healthy person comes in contact with a diseased person and inhales the droplets released by the infected person. Droplets might vary in size; smaller droplets called aerosols stay in the air for more extended periods and can infect people even after some time. Also, droplets stay on different surfaces for different periods. Anyone inhaling aerosols can gain infection; can allow entry of the virus into the body. Keep update yourself with Interstitial Lung Disease Hospital In India and get know about What Are The Long-Term Lung Problems After Covid-19?

Mucous membranes line your nose, mouth, and eyes. The virus comes in contact with healthy cells and multiplies within them. It reaches and infects nearby cells. The lining of the respiratory tract gets inflamed. Hence, the infection and inflammation can even extend up to the lungs.

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Long-Term Effects of COVID-19 Virus:

COVID-19 can have a long-term effect on the lungs. COVID-infected people can suffer from certain elements. Problems that might occur are: Also checkWhat did Asthma Patients need to Know during COVID-19?

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Pneumonia
  • Inflammation in lungs
  • Scarring of tissue in their lungs
  • Feeling fatigued
  • Formation of clots
  • Coughing
  • Loss of smell or taste
  • Fever and dizziness
  • Short breath

Thus, effects vary greatly in different individuals. In severe cases, lung transplants may need due to severe damage in the lungs of the diseased person. A new subvariant of omicron, XBB.1.16 is increasing nowadays rapidly since the end of January 2023.

What can we do to treat post covid-19 effects?

Sadly, there is no medication for post-COVID effects. But certain preventions and rehabilitation therapies can help overcome such effects. Also, regular check-ups for the health of the lungs are mandatory if there are severe effects on the organ.

Also, healthy lifestyle practices are necessary for patients with extended illness and serious COVID effects including a healthy diet, intake of fresh air, and avoiding smoke and dust.

Moreover, allergens irritate the cells of the respiratory lining, thereby producing anti-allergic responses. Thus, in a healthy person, these responses come down to normal after a few hours. But in patients with lung disorders or cases like post COVID, such responses are elicited for a particular allergen and are not brought back to normal. Thus, such triggered responses begin to show symptoms that an infected person shows.

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What goes as a major concern is if we know actual long-term effects of COVID-19?

The disease is so new that scientists are trying to figure out long-term effects or if they are ill-effects of the virus itself. Also, people call it long-haulers or post COVID conditions which vary from person to person according to their immune responses. Studies revealed that the lower two lobes were often damaged. It is necessary to study COVID, but it is also vital to know post-COVID and the long-term effects of COVID. Until then, keep regular check-ups to avoid lung damage and better recovery.  Also check What are BA.4 and BA.5 sub-variants of Omicron?

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