Polysomnography Treatment in Jaipur

Our lifestyle is full of stress and pressure, and we get little sleep. It is common for us to be sleep deprive because we do not get enough sleep. In the event of these conditions, the person often feels restless, depressed, weak, and cannot engage in vigorous physical activity. The Polysomnography test, also known as a sleep study, involves recording and transmitting some physical activities while you sleep. Asthma Bhawan‘s doctor provides the best Polysomnography Treatment in Jaipur if you have a sleep disorder.

Polysomnography Treatment in Jaipur- Procedure | Importance| Risk- Asthma Bhawan

During a sleep study or polysomnography, the patient spends the night in a sleep laboratory to diagnose sleeping disorders. Your brain waves, breathing, and movement are observe while you sleep using electrodes attach to your head and body. The camera monitors you while you sleep. As sleeping in a new place is difficult for most people, their anxiety levels are also observe. There is no risk associated with these treatments.

How does polysomnography help?

The polysomnography method can be use by a doctor to diagnose sleep disorders.

  • Despite having rested, drowsiness during the day persists
  • Snoring that occurs continuously and loudly
  • During sleep, you hold your breath and then gasp for air
  • Sleep disturbances that cause frequent waking
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Seizure disorders related to sleep
  • Acting out dreams while asleep is a REM sleep behavior disorder
  • The inability to fall asleep or stay asleep for an extended period of time, which is chronic insomnia

Which risks exist?

There is no pain involve in polysomnography. This sleep test is performed on a person to detect sleeping disorders while the person is completely asleep. Having any complications with polysomnography is very rare. However, in some cases, a person might get skin irritation due to the adhesive tapes, which are use to attach electrodes or test sensors to the body.

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How does Asthma Bhawan treat polysomnography?

This Jaipur-based lab features state-of-the-art polysomnography (PSG) machine to study sleep patterns and provides specialized inpatient care for patients. By monitoring the patient’s snoring, nasal flow, pulse rate, heart rate, respiratory function, chest movement, leg movement, abdomen movement, and oxygen saturation, highly trained personnel can define and diagnose sleep disorders. The type of problem is resolve to determine how to treat a patient.

Expected results from the procedure

After the test, the doctor or physician uses the graphs of the patient’s body responses and sleep cycles to diagnose and identify any sleep abnormalities in the patient population.

The patient and doctor will have a thorough conversation about the polysomnography test results. Following the release of the polysomnography data, if any aberrant behavioral changes in the patient’s sleep pattern are seen, the doctor may advise some medications or a course of action. The following list includes a few of the test-related anomalies and discoveries.

  • The physician can assess the patient’s sleep obstructions, which can be a sign of a variety of sleep-relate problems, by monitoring the patient’s eye movements and brain waves while they are asleep. Eye movements and brain waves can be use to diagnose several sleep problems, including narcolepsy and illnesses associated to REM sleep.
  • The test findings can show the doctor the precise amount of oxygen the patient needs while they are sleeping, allowing them to tailor the treatment.
  • A sleep-related condition call sleep apnea may be indicate by changes in the heart rate and breathing rate.
  • The patient may have had odder behaviors while they slept as a result of various sleep disorders or other issues.
  • There may be further problems with the patient’s limb or leg motions that could be signs of limb-base diseases.


The purpose of this blog is to provide you with information about polysomnography, its procedures, its importance, and the risks involved. In Asthma Bhawan, our sleep study lab is dedicate to evaluating patients with sleep disorders, diagnosing them, treating them, and offering them help. In addition to know more information about Polysomnography Treatment in Jaipur | diagnosing and treating sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, insomnia, snoring, abnormal leg movements, etc., the center brings medical experts in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Medicine. We help patients with polysomnography with evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and care at Asthma Bhawan’s sleep lab. Also call us Emergency Line (+91) 9352934531

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