What is Interstitial lung disease (ILD)

In ILD alveolar walls of lungs are  swollen and scarred. Alveoli are the smallest functional unit of lung. Alveolar walls are thin membrane through which exchange of gases take place. Through alveolar walls oxygen of inhaled breath diffuses  in to blood and carbon dioxide of blood passes  in to exhaled air. Since  alveolar walls in ILD become swollen and scarred and therefore oxygen fails to pass through it. An ILD patient initially is comfortable in resting position but become breathless when moves around. In later stages he is breathless even in resting position. Dry cough is other prominent symptom.

In India ILD never got much attention and therefore not much research has been done. Asthma Bhawan in collaboration with Indian Chest Society  took an initiative and motivated 27 centers of India to establish ILD India Registry. Dr. Virendra Singh and Dr.Sheetu Singh are national coordinators of the project. The research got published in the renowned blue journal of America. While most of ILDs are incurable in west, the scenario is entirely different in India. Most of ILDs are curable in India because almost half of them are hypersensitivity pneumonitis patients. For best treatment of ILD, most important step is accurate diagnosis says Dr.Sheetu Singh, national coordinator of the study.

At asthma bhawan you get the best and the most accurate diagnosis of ILD. We have proper methods and expertise to do the best treatment of ILD, expressed Dr. Virendra Singh. Asthma bhawan provide best ILD treatment in India.

What is COPD?

A COPD patient feels breathless on exercise or any physical work. Cough and phlegm are also troublesome in such  patients. In this condition lungs are damaged with constant exposure to smoke and other irritating substances. Smoking, exposure to cooking smoke, pollution and fine dust from mines are important causative factors of COPD. Earlier terminologies  such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema are merged in COPD. Early diagnosis of COPD is really important to protect patient from this disease and Asthma Bhawan provides the best COPD treatment in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. With advanced spirometer and diffusion test COPD can be diagnosed in asymptomatic smokers in early stage at Asthma Bhawan.

What are Allergic disease?

Allergic diseases are most common diseases in the world. Everybody has an immune system which protects body from attacks of invading microorganisms. Allergy results from over-active immune system. Due to overactive immune system even normal innocent  substances are recognized as invaders.  Common allergens include innocuous substances such as dust, pollens, food, insects,  animal dander, medicine and latex. Allergy of various organs are known with different names.

Allergy of Nose to throat: Allergic Rhinitis;  symptom are Itching, sneezing and  watering   of nose.

Allergy of Wind pipe from throat to lungs: Asthma; symptoms are cough, wheeze, chest tightness & breathlessness

Allergy of Skin: Urticaria, Eczema; symptoms are itching & red hives over skin

Allergy of eyes: Allergic Conjunctivitis; symptoms are itching, redness and watering of eyes

Asthma Bhawan is the best Allergy test center for diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases such as asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis and urticaria. For best diagnosis Asthma Bhawan is using phadia top immunocap method in addition to skin prick test method for detection of allergy in the body. Asthma Bhawan is the best Asthma hospital in Rajasthan, India where patients get complete care and proper treatment. Apart from proper medications, Asthma Bhawan is the best center for immunotherapy in allergic patients.

What is Asthma?

In asthma airways of the patient become narrowed and oversensitive to trigger factors. Airways are like leaves of touch me not or ‘chui Mui’ plant. When an asthmatic patient comes in contact with trigger factors such as dust, smoke or pollens, airways constrict and patient develops symptoms of Asthma such as cough, wheeze and breathlessness. Asthma Bhawan provides most advanced and the best Asthma treatment in India. Asthma Bhawan has advanced diagnostic facilities for asthmatic patients such as advanced spirometry, diffusion test, FeNO testing and induced sputum eosinophil count. In addition to diagnosis best quality treatment is available for patients including patient education.Thus, Asthma Bhawan has been rated as the best Asthma Center of Rajasthan and India.

What is OSA?

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a condition in which breathing of a patient stops repeatedly during sleep. Loud snoring is most prominent symptom of the patient. When breathing stops, oxygen level of body goes down to cause harmful effects on body. Patient become irritable, memory starts declining, get fatigued, falls asleep at any time. Some people may fall sleep even during driving which can lead to fatal accidents. When disease progresses patient develops hypertension, stroke, heart attack or even death. The disease can be diagnosed with help of sleep study or polysomnogram. Advanced testing facilities are available at Asthma Bhawan. It is shaping in to best treatment center at Jaipur.

Lung Cancer Diagnosis Centre|EBUS 

Dr. Virendra Singh has also started a Lung cancer diagnostic centre at asthma bhawan, Jaipur, India. Asthma Bhawan is a fully equipped cancer diagnosis centre in jaipur, Rajasthan, India and also complete cancer treatment is given to patients to cure the disease. The team of asthma bhawan also motivates cancer patients to fight against the disease as strong determination is crucial for fighting cancer.  This cancer diagnosis centre is the next step taken by Dr. Virendra singh in the tobacco eradication program.

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