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How to stop snoring?  Ever wondered why do people snore in their sleep? How is the sound produced? Well, snoring is an irritating harsh sound produced when the air flows into our throat causing the relaxed tissues to vibrate. The situations occur while sleeping because of the hindered flow of air because of lying down straight. Also, the position of our tongue gets in the way of air too. 

Snoring can affect the quality of sleep of both, the one who is snoring and the other who is around. We all snore occasionally, but if it is persistent, it requires treatment, or changes in lifestyle to get a healthy regime. Read the full article to know more about How to Stop Snoring?

7  Ways to Stop Snoring | Control Snoring

Many doctors will suggest you to take medications as a snoring treatment but other than medication there are certain ways advisable by Asthma Bhawan to control snoring whilst we are asleep. 

Try Sleeping on Your Sides

Lying straight and sleeping (also called a supine position) can increase the hindrance in the air pathway, therefore make a habit of sleeping on your sides, laterally. Although, if sleeping on the sides does not help even a little, visit Obstructive Sleep Apnea Hospital, which possibly can be a cause of the problem. 

Control Your Body Weight

People experiencing obesity face this problem more often than others, yet it is not necessarily possible that the thinner won’t face the problem at all. However, keeping a check on your body weight is recommended for all the problems related to respiratory health. When you gain weight, especially around your neck, it is more likely that your throat collapses during your sleep. This triggers snoring. 

Stay Hydrated

All the cells of our body are required to be well hydrated, and so does our throat cells. The secretions become stickier when the cells aren’t well hydrated creating the blockage in the air pathway making it difficult while we breathe. The air reaches our throat and triggers the relaxed cells to vibrate creating snoring-like hoarse sounds. 

Quit Smoking

If you experience snoring already and thinking about how to stop snoring, then quit smoking right now because smoking can even worsen the condition. Our airways are inflamed because of smoking and get clogged because of excessive secretion and deposition of extra thick mucus. Therefore, it is highly advisable to quit the habit. 

Avoid Alcohol Intake

The habit of taking alcohol can interfere with breathing patterns, worsening snoring problems. Alcohol relaxes the muscles of our throat which interfere with breathing patterns. 

Try Wearing A Nasal Strip If Recommended

The nasal strips are dilators that can pull outward the skin of the nose thereby lifting it, and spacing the nasal passages well. The dilation allows the smooth passage of air inside reducing the snoring. Asthma Bhawan, The Best Snoring Treatment in India is treating all lung-related problems.

Check for Sinus Problems

Sinusitis is the inflammation in the sinuses, induced due to allergies, blocking the air pathway. The stuffed nose can hinder normal inhalation patterns and can lead to snoring. Visit Best Allergy Hospital in Jaipur to rule out the possibility that you are hypersensitive to certain allergens and get triggered by them. Regular symptoms can be an indication. Also, ask your partner to check whether you regularly snore while in your sleep. 

Expert Opinion About How to Stop Snoring | Asthma Bhawan

If the self-help is a failure, ask for medical help. There are medical devices available that can help with the problem, also surgical procedures are advised, for people with a history of snoring or OSA. The size of our airways decides the flow of air pretty much, hence if any medical condition reduces it. Surgically removing the tissues can be a procedural help.

Hence, consult for more treatment of Snoring, seasonal asthma, and allergies, or call us on the emergency line (+91)9352934531 to know more about How to Stop Snoring? or you can visit Asthma Bhawan. 

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