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Allergies normally appear in the summer, when allergens elements for example mold, grass, and ragweed pollen expedite side effects such as sneezing and watery eyes. Outdoor activities and picnics can become a more serious condition for patients who are oversensitive to specific foods or stinging insects. It might appear that finding what you are allergic to is a speculating game.

However, At Asthma Bhawan, which is known for the Best Allergy Test in Jaipur, Rajasthan, testing performed by a specialist can analyze what does and what does not cause your manifestations. For example, you don’t need to get away from your cat if it is really mold that is the main reason for your itchy eyes or throat. When you know precisely what you are susceptible to, you and your physician will probably develop p a treatment plan to lessen or kill your allergy symptoms. Asthma Bhawan is the place for Best Allergy Test in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Best Allergy Test in Jaipur, Classifications of Allergy Test

Allergy Tests are the best and most secure approach to tell exactly what causes your symptoms. General causes include pollen, dust particles, stinging insects, animal dander, molds, foods, drugs, cockroach droppings and latex.

Classification of Allergy Test

Skin Test- Skin tests are one of the most common kinds of testing. In this method, a little amount of allergen particle is put on your skin, and this region is scratched or pricked. If you are allergic from that substance, you’ll experience a kind of swelling at the area where the prick test performed. The outcome of this skin test are normally shown within 15 minutes.

Intradermal Tests: It is more sensitive than prick tests, and might be utilized when prick test outcomes are uncertain. In this test, your specialist will utilize a syringe to inject some elements allergen under your skin.

Challenge Tests: This test is performed when the doctor assumes you have a drug or food allergy. In this test method, the person inhales or eat a very modest quantity of possible allergens under the nearby supervision of an allergist. Try not to attempt this test at Home!.

Blood Test: For this test, some amount of blood taken and then after tested for allergies. This test costs a little more expensive than other tests. It will likewise take more time to get your outcomes.

Classification of Allergy Test

An allergy is present when a person’s immune system attacks a substance (called an allergen) that most people’s immune systems would ignoreAs we are known as the Best Allergy Test in Jaipur, Rajasthan we offer an outstanding facility to our patients. For more details, you can visit Asthma Bhawan.

Skin pricks multi-tester device, intra-dermal skin tests with both early and late phase reading, skin patch tests and blood testing.

Best Allergy Test in Rajasthan, Skin Prick Test:

  • In 1873 Dr. Charles Blackley performed first skin test by scratched a small amount of grass pollen on his skin & produced a small hive-like reaction at the test side.
  • Aqueous extracts (liquid dose) of potential allergens are injected into the skin in the skin prick test. After 10-15 minutes, a wheal or swelling appears at the site of the prick. Positive allergens are those where the swelling is more in comparison to the histamine wheal.
  • Sometimes, an anomalous situation arises when the skin prick test is positive, but the patient does not have any problem with that allergen in real life. Best Allergy Test in Rajasthan
  • Therefore, an allergen is considered important in the induction of the disease, only when it causes both skin-positive reaction and induction of allergic disease.
  • At present there are three types of skin tests as mentioned below:
    1. Prick or puncture test.
    2. Scratch test.
    3. Intra-dermal test.

Best Allergy Test Hospital in Jaipur

Blood Test in Jaipur | Best Allergy Test in Jaipur

  • It is possible to detect allergies with a blood test known as RAST, PRIST and FAST tests.
  • In these tests sample of blood is processed through an analyzer to see if the blood contains allergic IgE antibodies to certain allergens.
  • These tests are very helpful when a doctor cannot perform skin test because of a skin eruption or a patient’s fear of needle or when there is a chance of inducing an allergic reaction with a skin test. Best Allergy Test in Jaipur.
  • The allergy blood test has three major disadvantages:
    1. They are not quite accurate as of the skin test.
    2. They are very expensive.
    3. Results are not available until two or three weeks after the test.

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