Welcome To Asthma Bhawan

Asthma Bhawan is the best Asthma and Allergy hospital in India and is located in Jaipur. Under the able leadership of Dr.Virendra Singh “Specialist of Allergy and Asthma”. Asthma Bhawan is providing world class snoring, Asthma treatment and care in Jaipur to respiratory patients. Asthma Bhawan was founded in 2007 by Indian Asthma Care Society. Our integrated method to patient care delivers you with state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment services and opportunities to try new medications and therapies through clinical trials. We aim to eliminate asthma agony  from lives of people and this aim is executed through five aspects of the care.

  1. Treatment: We provide proper care to the patients.
  2. Research: Research is done in various fields for respiratory patients including alternative medicine.
  3. Education:Patients, paramedics and doctors are continuously educated about recent researches and technologies.
  1. Assistance:Treatment is subsidized for needy and such patients are given special assistance.
  2. Tobacco deaddiction:In our Tobacco de-addiction campaign, we help people in quitting tobacco and tell them about healthy life style benefits.

At Asthma Bhawan, we can assure you that here you will get the best asthma treatment from the best asthma specialists of India.

Dr. Virendra Singh

Dr. Virendra Singh is the Director of Asthma Bhawan and he is one of the best Asthma doctors of India for respiratory problems. Dr. Virendra Singh is currently providing his services at  Jaipur. He himself has fought against Asthma and wants to eradicate agony of asthma from lives of people so that people can experience the free breath and can come out of the fear of asthma attacks. For his research work he was awarded the prestigious NRDC award by the Government of India in 1989. Dr. Virendra Singh is strictly against the smoking and tobacco consumption as it destroys the life of people. Asthma Bhawan was started as a small tobacco de-addiction center  and soon it was added with patient care and research activities. At Asthma Bhawan, Dr. Virendra Singh with his team offers the most advanced diagnostics and best Asthma treatments for patients.
Free outdoor, indoor consultation service are provided below poverty line patient.


Pinkcity pollens watch in Jaipur Date 23/02/2018
Name Type Count
Poaceae Grass 13
Holoptelea Tree 20
Morusalba Tree 04
Cassia Tree 05
Fungal Spore 24400
22/02/2018 5.00pm To 23/02/2018 5.00 pm Total 51
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