Asthma Bhawan established a Tobacco De-addiction Center on the basement of hospital building.


Counseling is the backbone of every de-addiction center.

The addicts are counseled in three ways

  • Individual counseling: When an addict visits our center. We record his bio-data and take a detailed history of his addictions. The addicts are evaluated to find out reasons and factors compelling for addiction. A complete physical examination also done to find out any disease caused by the addicting substance. The addict is examined by our medical officer for any other associated disease, for the ill effects of the addiction and for withdrawal symptoms. Our medical officer gives treatment to these patients and this centre also supplies few essential medicines freely. Then the addict is seen by our counselor to help the addict to quit the addiction.
  • Group counseling: When addicts come in a group of 3-4 persons we make a group by mixing   them with non-addicts or ex-addicts and show   our exhibition. After visualizing this exhibition we discuss the ill effects of he addictions with the group. We also try to know reactions of ex-addicts or non-addicts about addiction to prevent them to start addiction and to reinforce the knowledge about the benefits of quitting addictions. It is our policy to stress more over the benefits of non-addiction in our center instead of stress more on ill effects. In this way we try to convince the addicts about benefits of non-addiction.
  • Family Counseling: We have prepared a visualizer with photographs and the photographs have been arranged in such a sequence that it make a story. This gave a great impact to our family counseling. Our counselor and community worker visited 500 houses and 280 sessions of family counseling were organized. We covered Jaipur division along shekhawati belt of Sikar & Jhunjhunu districts. 2022 addicts visited to our center.

The tobacco de-addiction programme is also arranged by the Indian asthma care society at time to time in hospital campus. In these programmes the society gives information to public about harmful effect of tobacco and long term complication of its use.

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