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Recent Activity : Most Advanced Allergy test by molecular chip method has been introduced at Asthma Bhawan.
Tobacco De-Addiction centre in Jaipur

Tobacco De-Addiction Centre in Jaipur: There are Important Points you should Remember before Selecting a Tobacco De-Addiction Centre in Jaipur. The Nasha Mukti Kendra or the de-addiction centre will help patients to live a normal life by giving them a life-changing experience. At Asthma Bhawan Centre, we not only treated our patients to get overcome of…

Tobacco De-Addiction Center

Tobacco De-Addiction Center: Tobacco is a significant element in the causation of COPD and is capable of worsening asthma and allergy. It has been identified as causing at least 25 diseases capable of killing human beings. Unfortunately, indigenous tobacco such as Bidi and Hukka is incorporated into our social life. It has deep sources in…

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