Recent Activity : Happy to share that on occasion of historic achievement of Asthma Bhawan of doing the highest number of EBUS in the western India, live EBUS webinar was organised. Dr Nishtha Singh and Dr Sheetu Singh were experts. Over 1300 pulmonologists across the nation clicked the link to learn detailed complexities of the procedure.

Asthma Bhawan has a Bronchoscopy Room, where Bronchoscopy is done to view the airways and diagnose the Lung Disease.

• Bronchoscopy is the process of direct visualization of the tracheobronchial tree.
• Bronchoscopy is recommended if lung disease is suspected and an inspection of the airways or a tissue sample is needed to confirm it. The test can be used to evaluate almost any disease in pulmonary medicine, including:
1. Acute pulmonary eosinophilia (Loeffler’s syndrome)
2. Aspiration pneumonia
3. Atelectasis
4. Bronchial adenoma
5. CMV pneumonia
6. Chronic pulmonary coccidioidomycosis
7. Cryptococcosis
8. Disseminated tuberculosis (infectious)
9. Chronic pulmonary histoplasmosis
• Bronchoscopy is also recommended if you have been coughing up of blood. Normal cells and secretions are found. No foreign substances or blockages are seen.