Tobacco De-Addiction: Asthma Bhawan Tobacco De-Addiction center in India leads by motivation or inspiration. We are one the best drug, alcohol and Tobacco De-Addiction centres,  we recognize by our hard work and high rate of effective treatment of any type of addiction recovery.  In our hospital we have expert team of therapists, staff and physician that offer compassionate and expert care to patients.  We are expertise in providing psychotherapeutic as well as medical treatment. Smoking is a major factor of causing disease. It leads to crippling lung disease chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), aggravates asthma and causes lung cancer. Tobacco is incriminated in 25 types of serious lung diseases. In addition it is the first step towards addiction. Asthma Bhawan is one the top Drug-addiction Rehabilitation Centre in Jaipur.

Most drug addicts starts with tobacco and in search of still better pleasure they use alcohol, Sulpha, Ganja etc. Smoking not only causes disease but also opens gates of addiction and therefore “No-Tobacco Advice” should be delivered to students before initiation of tobacco. IACS is fighting these addictions in following ways:

  1. Stickers: Developing and distributing stickers
  2. Pamplets:Good pamphlets have been developed which are distributed in the public.
  3. Booklets
  4. Book
  5. Children games: education through play has been delivered through some of games developed to create hate against tobacco. Tobacco snake and ladder game became quite popular in this regard.
  6. Hordings: Placed at strategic places these were quite popular in generating awareness. At various strategic sites these were displayed.
  7. School camps: It is very easy not to start than to quit tobacco. Based on this theme school students were educated about ill effects of tobacco through projection of slides. This program motivates them never to start tobacco
  8. Slide program in offices: It was organized to generate awareness among smokers and non-smokers about ill effects of smoking and tobacco. Ill effects of passive smoking was quite convincing to non-smokers. After attending this program non- smokers were motivated and they started protesting smoking in their presence. “Don’t allow any one to poison your breath” is the theme of this program. Asthma Bhawan have years of experience in dealing with  Drug-addiction Rehabilitation Centre in Jaipur.
  9. Spirometry camps: Smokers are invited to attend a free spirometry camp organized at public place or an office. Spirometry values are used to motivate smokers to quit smoking.
  10. Tobacco ill effect Exhibition:Displayed at various places. Has motivating effects on nonsmokers.
  11. Publication of Asthma sanjeevani:This magazine was published on quarterly basis and it was an important tool of education of asthmatic patient and people using tobacco. In Asthma Bhawan we have a professional team of  Tobacco De-Addiction.
  12. Felicitationof those who became winner in quitting: on various occasions tobacco users who got success in quitting are felicited. When such victims shared their experiences other smokers  were motivated.
  13. Programs on special occasions: IACS regularly celebrates world no-tobacco program and international day against drug trafficking. These programs are usually celebrated in jails, offices or schools.
  14. Counseling:It is back bone of the de-addiction program. Counseling is done in Asthma Bhawan by highly skilled doctors who provide best smoking treatment to people in Jaipur, Rajasthan . It is delivered in 3 ways; individual counseling, group counseling and family counseling. Strategies and skills are developed to address problems of four groups based on use of tobacco and presence or absence of a disease.

Model to Show Harm by 1 Cigarette or 1 Gutka Pouch

Tobacco users

  • Healthy tobacco users: Family specially children can play crucial role.
  • Sick tobacco users: Doctors are the best persons to motivate them

Tobacco non-users

  • Never users:Counseling is focused on stressing the fundamental that “taking breath in clean air is birth right never allow any to poison our breath with smoking in the vicinity”.
  • Potential users:These are children and students who have not started but they are in the vulnerable age of learning tobacco use with peer pressure. A word of advice can motivate them “stop before start”.

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