• Asthma Bhawan has a Radiology department, in which various types of diseases are diagnosed with the help of conventional X-ray, USG etc.
  • Interventional procedures like USG guided FNAC; biopsies are also done to reach a cytological and histological diagnosis.
  • Therapeutic aspirations are also performed under ultrasound guidance.

X-Ray: A chest X-ray is conducted primarily to exclude diseases other than asthma. The radiological appearance of the lungs in asthma is usually normal. When asthma symptoms are persistent and when there is a rapid and serious deterioration, a chest X-ray is essential for the diagnosis of complications such as atelectasis, pneumothorax, mediastinal or subcutaneous emphysema.

Ultra-Sonography: This examination uses sound wave to obtain images of your viscera’s. In the Asthma Bhawan USG is used for USG guided FNAC; USG guided therapeutic aspiration, etc.

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