Does Smoking Cause Lung Cancer

Smoking has long been associated with lung cancer, and there’s a lot of truth to that. One of the most well-known negative health impacts of smoking is an elevated risk of lung cancer. Cancers of the lungs are known as lung cancers. You breathe in oxygen through your lungs and exhale carbon dioxide through them….

Best Rehabilitation Centre based in Jaipur

Best Rehabilitation Centre based in Jaipur: Alcohol or Drug addiction results in mental illness and leads an individual to behave unusually, or we can say abnormally. It influences the health as well as the family atmosphere. Even a member of the family becomes insecure with an addicted person. Also in domestic violence, the cause is…

Best Drug-addiction Rehabilitation Centre in Jaipur

Best Drug-addiction Rehabilitation Centre in Jaipur, Tobacco De-Addiction Rehab:  With the use of Drug Addiction, people cannot live a normal life and get stuck in the trap of taking drugs or drinking alcohol and becoming a drug addict. If a person regularly consumes drugs resulting in the individual’s mind all the time in a sub-conscious…

Tobacco De-Addiction Center

Tobacco De-Addiction Center: Tobacco is a significant element in the causation of COPD and is capable of worsening asthma and allergy. It has been identified as causing at least 25 diseases capable of killing human beings. Unfortunately, indigenous tobacco such as Bidi and Hukka is incorporated into our social life. It has deep sources in…

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